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Website Design

Interested In a simple website to sell your products online or just a personal gallery site ??

I am offering a website creation and maintenance service at reasonable prices most can afford

My Simple Plan
An e-commerce or display website or personal website

Fast VPS SSD Server Space and Full Site Maintenance included

Optional Domain email address....example: xxx@yourdomain.com
Registered to you

Sites are dynamic and will work on PC, Tablet and Mobile ☻☻

Sites are housed in my private and secure server

All you would need to do is send me the information and photos and
Paypal information...... have a color and other details discussion

You will be able to follow the progress as pages are published


Full Website Setup... $50 w/o private domain
Full Website Setup... $60 with your already owned domain
Full Website Setup... $70 includes .com domain and DNS Setup

Deposit for beginning work $35, balance when site is ready

Home Page - About you and other information
Gallery Page if you would like one
Family Photo Page ??

Selling Page - Set up Free Starter Paypal e-commerce solution

Monthly Full Service Package... $30
3 month Full Service package... $80
6 month Full Service package...$150
Includes server space, full site maintenance and 1st hour of
adding products and photos monthly

Less Activity Packages.... If you rarely expect to change your site
3 month Low Activity Service Package...$60
Includes 1 hour of changes


SSL..... to be a Google secure rated site you need the "https" designation
on your website, if you use a private .com domain your website will be
a secure rated Google site as a basic SSL is included free.....

Design of extra pages after initial setup... $20

Labor on e-commerce site adding products and photos to existing pages
over 1 hour monthly... $10 per hour (1st hour is included)

Domain Registration (.com) and Website DNS Setup and Administration... $20 (1 time cost)
DNS setup with your already owned domain $10
All Domains renew yearly at cost (you will control renewal)

We recommend purchase of an SSL which will give you a secure Google site (HTTPS) and Green Lock
letting people know your site is secure. We can help you to obtain one if you wish.

I am a Designer not a Programmer, this is intended for a simple affordable
small personal or business website.

I do nice work but........
If you are seeking a complex website I would advise you to hire a programmer.

What You Need:
If you want to sell, A Paypal Business Account (easy and free)
Unlike Ebay, you can also obtain a Paypal Debit card and receive funds with no waiting.

Your already owned custom domain or a Domain Name Idea
Colors for you site... any ideas or things you'd like to see ?

I have a list for your preparation I will send upon request

Most sites will be completed within 2-3 weeks
You will be able to follow the progress in real time as pages are finished
If you have any questions please email me at tim@timphillipsdesign.com

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Or To Receive the Website Preparation List
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You can pay the website design deposit here
and pay your monthly fees

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All Monthly Invoices Must be Paid By 7th of the Month
Invoices Paid after the 7th will be invoiced a $5 late fee
If you are having an issue, please just contact me
Monthly Service Fee Payments